Simply select your school from the menu bar located on the Home page, and you will be taken to your school's main page. Here you will find the broadcast schedule for your high school along with local news and announcements.
You will see a Paypal Donate icon appear in the rectangle on the left side of every page. If it says "Site Donations," that means your donation goes to and is used to fund our website and broadcasts. If it says "School Donations" above the Paypal icon, this means that your donations go to fund the school.
On the bottom of every page you will see an "Archive" link. This will take you to our archive of all past broadcasts. Navigate to the school, sport, and date of the game you are looking for, and click the download link to get your very own copy. You will also find a link to watch it online if you prefer not to download the entire match. (Note: The downloadable version of every game is commercial free and higher quality).
We have multiple advertising options from in-game bottom third ads, to full-page graphics, and even video ad support. Our pricing and package options vary depending on viewer count so Contact Us or head over to our Advertising page to learn more.
We welcome the opportunity to work with your school in raising money for local athletics. If you would like to stream your school sports live while selling ad space to local businesses, it would be our pleasure to offer you the knowledge and tools to do so. Contact Us Here to get the ball rolling.
The money raised from our services come from broadcast advertisement, donations made through our website, and on-site banner ads. Schools get 50% of all broadcast revenue and 100% of all on-site donations made to them (less Paypal commission). receives 50% of broadcast revenue, 100% of on-site donations made to it, and all banner ad revenue. Money raised for the site is used to fund site maintenance, hosting, domain costs, broadcast fees, hardware and software costs, and other fees associated with our various services.
If you are having trouble viewing live broadcasts on please make sure your internet connection is at least 0.5 MB/S download speed. Most modern day ISPs offer such a service by default, however if you are viewing via mobile make sure you have a reasonably strong signal. If you are experiencing buffering or lagging, pausing the video for 30-60 seconds can help.


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